Thinking about Holiday Giving? A Message Starring William the Museum Cat

The other day, during a long day at the office,  I received a message from Samantha Hall-Saladino, the Education Director of the Shaker Heritage Society of Albany, New York.  She had been working on a lecture on pets and contacted me to let me know how much she liked my book. Thanks, Samantha!  It’s always nice to hear from a satisfied reader!

She also included this photograph of another satisfied reader, William.  He lives at the Shaker Heritage Society and is clearly a cat of intellectual discernment.  (William also has his own Twitter account at WilliamtheCat2.)

William recommends that you all consider Pets in America for your holiday giving….It is not only a good read, but it makes a very nice chin rest.Wm Museum Cat

At any rate, I thought that the photo was so lovely that I could bend my rules a little bit.  After all, William is clearly a history-lover.

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